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In the summer the small town of  Borgholm " bloms" up and gets full of live, with a lots of fun and many happy visitors from Sweden and the rest of the world -This is one of the most visited plases in Sweden during the summer.For more info call 46 707 69 67 61 . 

Turn of the century villa "Pepparkakshuset" centrally  lokated near the societetpark in Borgholm Ölands enyoymentcenter Charming stile . Gardens with BBQ and verandas. Weelchar & childfriendly. Cosy vacation-appartments  with your own entranse newly renovated modern and near to  , restaurants, bakers, stores. units with  2-8 beths everything you need - better than you expekt! (one guest said this summer" often when you come to a town there are special houses you would love to stay in - and now we have !   - 5 stars)  Neibour 
Charming villa  (Villa Verdi) from the end of the  1800-sentury, newly renovated, with cosy and  fresch apartments (2-6 beth). High standard, fully eqvipped, your own gardenfurniture, TV, micro and kaffemaker. m.m. BBQ in the cosy fruit and childrenfriendly  paradisgarden. A real good lokation  near the haubour (ca 100 m), swimming in the sea (ca 100 m). Near to restaurants, stores,bakers ,  mini golf, the outlife of Borgholm 

This sight is only partly englich - but we hope you can find most of it out anyway - oterwise call us in   for Sweden + 46    707    696761
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    Appartments in Pepparkakshuset


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    Appartments in Villa Verdi